Pittielove Rescue: A Mission Of Love, Rescue And Acceptance

FRAMINGHAM, MA—Noreen Ford never grasped the true implication of the term “underdog” until she met Poncho, a pitbull who she says steadily tugged at her heart until he ultimately stole it. Ford, who grew up in Sudbury, has been a Framingham resident for 23 years and is the founder of PittieLove Rescue, based in Framingham…. View Article

Bill Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety Clears Key State House Legislative Committee

BOSTON, MA-Legislation sponsored by Senate Minority Leader Bruce Tarr (R-Gloucester) intended to enhance humane treatment of animals and punish those who engage in animal cruelty received a key advance today at the State House. Tarr led lawmakers in 2014 to adopt the Protecting Animal Welfare and Safety bill, also known as the PAWS Act, following… View Article

Pet Rock Fest Contributes To Animal Cruelty Case Reward Fund; Puppies Were Found In A Bag In a River

In mid-September, a kayaker on the Blackstone River in Uxbridge heard some whimpering sounds coming from a bag he saw floating nearby on the river. About 100 yards south of Unitrans Transportation on River Road, the kayaker grabbed the bag before it went underwater. In that bag, he found six, one-week-old puppies, all remarkably still… View Article