Who Benefits?

Every year, Pet Rock Fest’s proceeds benefit a variety of New England area animal organizations. We research our beneficiaries each year, and absolutely welcome suggestions (do YOU have an organization that could use a donation? tell us about it).

Pet Rock Fest has given thousands of dollars to many New England based animal welfare organizations since its inception in 1999.

Charities who received donations in 2011:


  • Sunny Meadow Sanctuary
  • Foster Parrots
  • Maple Farm Sanctuary
  • EchoDogs White German Shepherd Rescue
  • Juno’s Place/People for Pets in Peril
  • Worcester Animal Rescue League
  • Spay Worcester
  • Animal Legal Defense Fund  
  • Second Chance Animal Shelter
  • Daisy’s Animal Rescue
  • Pawfect Life Rescue
  • Dog Orphans
  • Little Oliver Foundation
  • PittieLove Rescue
  • International Animal Rescue
  • Big Hair Animal Rescue
  • RedRover – KIND News
  • VCA Surgery For Elderly Deaf Woman’s Therapy Dog
  • Uxbridge Police Reward Fund Animal Cruelty Case

Some words from our beneficiaries:

The Animal Legal Defense Fund wants to thank Pet Rock Fest for all the support and generosity it has shown to us over all the years of this very successful Festival.  We are proud once again to be a recipient of some of the proceeds of the event and very grateful that Pet Rock Fest has recognized the importance of our work to protect the lives and advance the interests of animals through cutting edge legal work.  ALDF (www.aldf.org) is a national nonprofit that since 1979 has blazed the trail for stronger enforcement of anti-cruelty laws and for the humane treatment of all animals using our legal system.  We know that Pet Rock Fest shares our mission to win the case against animal cruelty.  By creating a fun and educational event, Pet Rock Fest has become an effective venue for ALDF to network with like-minded organizations at the event and to educate all the attendees about our campaigns, legislative initiatives and lawsuits as we strive with the legal system to stop puppymill operators and hoarder situations, to directly assist prosecutors to go after animal abusers, and to craft needed improvements in our animal protection laws such as the Animal Abuser Registry. – Sarah Luick, ALDF board chair

“The Central Massachusetts Disaster Animal Response Team, Inc.  is very grateful for the contribution we received this year from Pet Rock and for the opportunity to advocate and promote our organization at the yearly event in September. CMDART attends several public events to help promote personal emergency and disaster preparedness for pet owners. In years past, people would walk up to the tables and scoff at the idea that they needed to worry about a disaster in Central Mass. Frankly, it’s understandable. On a bright sunny, fun day such as Pet Rock, the last thing you want to think about is catastrophe. Unfortunately, these past two years have been a reality check for this region. It can happen and will happen any time unexpectedly. CMDART is busy trying to increase the number of Central Mass residents who know how to shelter in place and have a personal ready”go” kit for their pets when evacuation is needed.  If nothing else, we teach people to copy their pet medical records and put them in their vehicles should they face an emergency. Our most urgent goals include increasing the number of trained responders. During these last two incidents, we were short on help as many residents were personally compromised by the storms and/or by economic and personal setbacks. In addition to strengthening our response network,  Central Mass. towns, and their Emergency Management representatives, are being strongly encouraged to pre-stage emergency pet shelter locations near human shelters prior to the next disaster. Pet Rock and its contribution has helped further all of these goals. As a private non-profit dependent upon contributions, we thank you for aiding the mission. ” – JoAnn Griffin, CMDART

“In a world where the sad circumstances surrounding the unwanted and homeless dog and cat issues receive the ‘lion’s share’ of attention from the companion animal donors it is a privilege for those of us who represent the ‘other’ and often-overlooked companion animals at the Pet Rock festival each year.  Millions of parrots suffer a life of captivity only to be followed by abandonment by those who found out the hard way that parrots are not all they were cracked up to be by the pet trade.  Pet Rock has offered a place for all who seek to better the lives of all companion animals to offer their messages and find homes for many unwanted animals.  Thank you Pet Rock.  You, as the saying goes…. ROCK!” – Marc Johnson, Foster Parrots

“Pet Rock gave my new organization a lot of exposure, I meet a lot of great people who support what I have been doing and future goals. It also showed me there are many great organizations all working for the greater good of animals. The donation will help also with getting our word out there more and also help in taking care of some animals!” – Deb Young, Private Citizens in Peril

 The following is a list of charities who have benefited from Pet Rock Fest:

ASPCA Birds Program
Second Chance Animal Shelter
Second Chance Fund for Animal Welfare
New England Primate Sanctuary
Mass Vest-a-Dog
Sterling Animal Shelter
Commonwealth Cats
Foster Parrots
Cocker Spaniel Rescue
Maple Farm Sanctuary
Avian Welfare Coalition
International Animal Rescue
American Poodle
Pug Rescue of New England
Forever Home
Katrina Fund
Boston Animal Rescue League
International Fund for Animal Welfare
Jake’s Haven
Underdog ResQ
Boxer Buddies
Saint Bernard Rescue

Each year, all participating animal organizations are entered into a random “lottery,” and two $500 awards are granted to the winners. Many rescue groups and shelters have reaped the benefit of this drawing.



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