Entertainment for 2017

This year, Pet Rock Fest is excited to welcome The Flock, James Keys and several to be announced. All perform live at the Pet Rock Festival on Sunday, Sept. 10, at Wyman Gordon in North Grafton. 


Worcester’s favorite ’80s cover band plays all the hits from the decade, concentrating on pop and new wave. Plus, this may be the funniest stage show around. The Flock regularly wins “best cover band” awards, and you can see why.  



Occupying his own unique space in American music somewhere between the throaty junkyard stomp of Tom Waits and the wild mercurial ramblings of Dylan, James Keyes is a musician whose own sound is just gritty and earthy enough to scare away casual listeners in these times of manufactured pop and just easy enough to make the adventurous a listener for life.

It’s the cumulative sound of all the folk music that’s come before it. Gut-bucket blues, honky-tonk tear jerkers, songs of the road and its endless freedom, dark nights in smoky roadhouses and that long black ache of the broken American dream. Keyes just released a brand new record. 






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