2017 Cat Caption Contest – Meowy Memes

Enter the “Meowy Memes” photo contest! Submit your cat (or cats) with a caption photo, and 12 winners will be picked to grace the pages of our 2018 Pet Rock Fest Calendar sponsored by the Pet Barn.

Winners will be chosen by the Pet Barn based on both the photo and the caption you choose. Winners receive gift cards from the Pet Barn as well as a trophy, and get to be one of only 12 cats/photos in the Pet Rock 2018 Calendar!

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IMPORTANT: Enter the contest first and click “send.” You need only pay AFTER your photo (s) is submitted. Clicking “buy” does not submit the photo; it is solely the means to pay for the submission to the contest. We repeat: click “send” to the contest with your photo first! That’s the most important.

Entry Fee

Please use this PayPal link to pay the $5.00 entry fee.

email petrockfest@gmail.com if you are having any issues entering the contest. Thank You!


Take a look at the contestants in the 2017 Pet Rock Festival Cat Caption Contest! Entries will be added as they are received. 




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