Thank You

Without so many people, Pet Rock Fest would not be the success that it is.

We’d like to send out special thanks to so many who helped us out at Pet Rock 2011:

Kathy Hinds

Deborah Arsenault

Bonnalee Bohlman

Debby Brindley

Chelsy Brindley

Jessica Rawding

Sandy Bigelow

Jeff Bigelow

Jane Morgan

Amy Sauer

Peter Labby

Peter Hackel

Mike Lamm

James Montgomery

The Cosby Sweaters

The Job Corps

The Dzian Gallery

Tina Blanchette

Joey D’Angelo

Dale Lepage

David Russell
Amanda & Madison Peck
Jessica Daniels
Amy Jones
Helen Austin
Anna Lantz
Valerie McKay
Andrea Helie
Pat Clouthier
Marianne Cataldo
Ben Demers…dressed as BLUE…fantastic job!!!
Katherine  & Matthew Rabeuf

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