Pet Rock Mission

The mission of the Pet Rock Festival is to provide a venue where animal welfare organizations of all kinds (from those that fight to prevent cruelty in the courts to shelters to rescues to rehabilitation programs) can gather to fuse an even tighter network, and to also get the word out about their programs to the public.

By placing these organizations in a bed of family style entertainment that includes live music and attractions, we hope to reach a wider range of people to get them caring about animals. We promote kindness to animals – a focus that reaches to areas that include the appropriate adoption of shelter pets, spaying and neutering, educating children that animals are living creatures that feel pain, etc.

Pet Rock is a work in progress, but one we hope will extend to national levels and get more and more people thinking about the welfare of animals. It is an area that needs more attention.

  1. Tina Augeri says:

    I heard of the Pet Rock Festival for the first time last year, though the date had already passed. My daughter, and my two “little girls” are very excited that we will get to attend this year! Looking forward to it!!

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